This significant contribution for the construction of a Water Fountain will be a major first step in the restoration and recovery of the currently fragile ecosystem known as East Lake, which affects the larger Tampa Bay water systems, including its estuaries and drinking water sources.


East Lake, as the major natural water feature in the East Lake Watershed, is home to hundreds of wildlife species and fish, including the bald eagle, osprey, wood storks, spoonbills and other birds, and bream, bass, tilapia and Florida soft shell turtles. However, the long-term effects of storm water run-off on East Lake have resulted in lost fisheries, a deterioration of wildlife habitat, and the overall degradation of water quality.  The residents of East Lake Park have therefore developed a Lake Management Plan to reduce pollutants, and non-native and invasive plant overgrowth, and improve wildlife habitat in East Lake.


As a result of the continued commitment of the Seminole Tribe of Florida  (STOF) and Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (SHRH & C) to the protection and improvement of the environment, East Lake Park residents are pleased to announce that STOF and SHRH & C have generously donated $40,000 towards the restoration of East Lake.  This gift will, among other things, fund the installation of a large fountain in East Lake, which will circulate and aerate over 1,000,000 gallons of water per day, dramatically increasing oxygen levels needed to support healthy fish habitat and improving water quality by reducing algae blooms.


The residents of East Lake Park are also pleased to announce a partnership with SHRH & C and its employees, who will join the residents of the East Lake Watershed each quarter in the clean up and restoration of East Lake and its habitat.  East Lake Park will also host a community-wide event this fall to unveil the new Seminole Hard Rock Fountain, with various special guests and tours of the lake already planned.  More information will follow soon inviting the public and media to this event.


For additional information, please contact:

Craig Williams at or (813) 731-2085

Hal Hart at or (813) 690-6771


5223 North Orient Rd, Tampa, FL 33610  |  1-866-388-4263

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